Basia Wyszynski - Pick Me, 2015

Gemma Warren - Once You Were Alone and I Found You, 2015

Kathryn MacNaughton - Garter Belt, 2015

Madelyne Beckles - Herstory V, 2015

Michelle LeFade - Isolated Subject, 2015

Top Left: Jacqueline Ashton - Bottom Left: Rachel Woroner - Bottom Right: Aurora Sheilds

Bad Girls Club was conceived to give female-identified artists a platform to represent themselves and their work, by way of exploring themes of female sexuality, independence and self-love within the context of modern relationships.
Taking place in a 5000 sq ft. abandoned textile factory, featuring 31 artists, the show opened with a panel discussion by a Canadian Art editor in conversation with 4 local and international artists.
Opening night welcomed 700 curious attendees and was sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon, Beaus All Natural Lager, Sophomore Magazine, Format, Moog Audio, and Dynasty Plants.
Bad Girls Club
October 23, 2015
Art Show
Old Textile Factory
600 attended

From left to right: Kathryn MacNaugton, Dahae Song, Robin Clason