Thank You Kindly's installation took place during a summer-long dance party series at The Powerplant. The installation suggests that while a social break (from the dance floor) is often isolating, it has the potential to transcend it's nature and become an engaging experience.
The installation is intended as a spot for brief, incidental social encounters. Much like a stoop, the site-specific work functions to engage the community and provide a place to recharge while remaining present. Featuring a variety of textures, seating, snacks, activities and tangible tools to interact - a "break" is rendered as a unique experience of the space and music from a variety of entry points.
Thank You Kindly collaborated with Toronto-based, Cairo-born artist Nadia Gohar and Montreal-based, Toronto-born artist Sidney Starkman. Gohar's work utilizes the classic genre of the still life to examine questions of identity, nostalgia, and cultural dislocation, while Starkman's painting practice uses a language of landscape, symbolism, and abstraction to translate reflections, emotions, and anxieties.
Powerplant Installation
August 20, 2016
The Powerplant Contemporary Gallery
Installation Work